Composite Epoxy Material (CEM)

KB CEM 1 - KB-5150 (&) 
  • Excellent punching property, the best punching temperature 45 – 70C
  • Excellent heat and moisture resistance as well as CTI value
  • IPC-4101B specification is applicable

KB-5150 is composite epoxy, glass / paper based copper clad laminate which has good punch ability of paper based board and excellent mechanical / electrical performance of glass fabrics based board. KB-5150 is suitable for high frequency and punching-required printed circuit board.

KB CEM 3 - KB-7150 (C) 
  • Excellent mechanical process ability and applicable punching process
  • Electrical properties and PCB processing are similar to FR-4, the wearing of drill bit is much lower than that of FR4.
  • CTI value 175 V / 300 V / 600 V
HA30 – Thermal conductive CEM 3
  • Excellent thermal conductivity, ≥1.0 W /m∙K
  • Excellent solder heat endurance, Lead-free compatible CEM 3 laminate
  • White and opaque with good color-change resistance
  • Excellent mechanical processability
    • LED backlight module
    • Consumer lightning
    • Automotive electronics
    • Power supplies